What is Arduino?

Arduino is simple computer. You can control it with code and connect it to electronic components like lights, sensors, buttons, and motors to connect your code to the physical world.

What is Arduino used for?

People have used Arduino to build amazing things from satellites to art installations and flamethrowing jack-o-lanterns. It’s also a popular prototyping platform for industrial applications and product development.

Why is it hard to get started with Arduino?

Many people start learning Arduino by building electronic circuits and code at the same time — this is tough because a bug in either the code or the circuit can stop your project from working, which can be difficult for beginners to identify. Others start by copying and modifying existing projects, but this makes it hard to learn the fundamentals.

How is Awesome Shield different from other learning options?

Awesome Shield is a tightly integrated learning platform that offers video tutorials, simplified code, and plug-and-play hardware. This lets you learn coding fundamentals quickly, and realize your projects in the physical world. When you’re ready, you can add in the un-simplified code, and build your own hardware from scratch.

What stage of development is Awesome Shield at?

The Awesome Shield team has been iterating on the hardware, simplified code, and educational approach for 10 months. We have arrived at a teaching approach and beta learning platform that learners love. The most recent hardware prototype was designed with manufacturing in mind, and needs only minor adjustments to be ready for mass production.

What’s next for Awesome Shield?

Awesome Shield needs funding to do a first manufacturing round, grow its community, and get broader feedback — that means a kickstarter campaign.

When is the Awesome Shield kickstarter campaign happening?

Early 2016.

How is Awesome Shield funded?

The three founders are currently bootstrapping the company, and have not yet taken any investment.

Where is Awesome Shield based?

Berlin, Germany.

Is Awesome Shield actually the best thing since sliced bread?


Any Other Questions?

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